Water Quality

Within the growing aquaculture industry, it is accepted that good water quality is needed for maintaining viable aquaculture production. Poor water quality can result in low profit, low product quality and potential human health risks. Production is reduced when the water contain contaminants that can impair development, growth, reproduction, or even cause mortality to the cultured species. Some contaminants can accumulate to the point where it threatens human health even in low quantities and cause no obvious adverse effects. The fish perform all its physiological activities in the water breathing, excretion of waste, feeding, maintaining salt balance and reproduction. Thus, water quality is the determining factor on the success or failure of an aquaculture operation. The continued degradation of water resources due to anthropogenic sources necessitates a guideline in selecting sites for aquaculture using water quality as a basis.

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PMNQ Water Quality Criteria and Standards for Freshwater and Marine Aquaculture